Hayley Speaks at the Watercolour Society of WA

Artist Painting An Sea Landscape

Invited to present to the Watercolour Society of WA on the theme of motivation and keeping the creative spark alive, Hayley entertained and inspired a group of artists gathered together in South Perth. Hayley’s presentation included 12 tips – the wisdom of her lifetime in relation to creating – sharing anecdotes from her own creative […]

What does the canvas of your life look like?

Artist Painting An Sea Landscape

  I often examine or re-examine the canvass of my life.  I think reflection is a wonderful process and essential for the developing of real wisdom.  What I look for is both my successes and my failures.  I paint in all the aspects, because without the dark shadows there are no highlights.  Then I ask […]

Do you need a 1-to-1 Power Up Strategy Session to get 2015 in focus?

Hayley Solich

As a special Christmas present to all my friends and associates, I am offering a 1-to-1 POWER UP mentoring session for just $99 per hour (valued at $297 per hour) helping you to gear up for 2015. In this session you can ask me any questions about: how to get a simple and effective plan […]

What is the I Can Philosophy that is foundational to Hayley’s training methodology?

Hayley with Arms Raised

Watch the slideshow now to get an idea of Hayley’s I Can Philosophy that pervades all of her training and is an empowering platform from which to build. To view larger, click on the icon with the four arrows.

Are you a Chameleon in life?


People often ask me how I have survived some of the personal challenges I have had in my life or how I have managed to work in so many different fields and to have tasted success on so many different levels.  The key I see is that at a very early age I learned to […]

My Resilience Theme Song for 2012

Demi Lovato Skyscraper Video

Sometimes life throws huge hurdles at us but true resilience is when we stand up after being knocked down, ‘rising from the ground like a skyscraper’. There is no person or situation that can destroy us, only we allow ourselves to be destroyed. From every difficult situation, if there is still breath in our lungs, […]

Are you taking the time to see a bigger picture?

Busienss Success

I am all about strategy because when we are strategic we shortcut the time required to reach our destination and we capitalise on our resources.  Call me practical…I can’t help it, I was born this way. My thinking is that if there are two pathways to the same destination and one is direct and the […]

3 Quick Tips To Keeping Inspired and Motivated

Team Work

We are all born different, so what I am about to share may or may not work for you because there is not just one set of rules for all of humanity. For me, motivation comes pretty easily.  I spring out of bed, happy to embrace the day and ready to take on a new […]