A Moment With You

Lying, with hand dangling over the edge delicately tracing a pathway through silver smooth waters my head upon your knee as you hum a song of love for me. Wistful, wanting this moment to last forever this great expanse of peacefulness settling gradually upon me invading every pore as you stroke my hair my soul […]

A Little Alliteration – By Hayley Solich

Us Wordsmiths we whittle with words. Carving with consonants, we create space with our commas. We use elaborate euphemisms; and entreat emotive endearment. We doctor the details; so as to deliver dramatic images of diversified dimensions. We veto our vowels to vanquish our vision, like viscounts we view other’s verses. Well rounded rhymes with rhythm […]

There Comes A Time

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she has to make the realisation that her life is what she created it to be. There comes a time in a girl’s life when she has to make the realisation that the only change that is going to happen is the change she is going […]

Common Ground

When you are young, life is simple You know everything You are willing to try it all And rules were made to be broken But as you get older, life is more complex You realise how little you know You are less willing to try new things And rules take on real meaning because they […]

Reflection: Cling to what is good

“In this life there will always be people who are sent to help you to grow… Some you will love for it, for they are the fertiliser and the water that nourishes the soil and gives you sustenance. Others you will hate for it for those are the ones that prune you back, they are […]