Are you taking the time to see a bigger picture?

Busienss SuccessI am all about strategy because when we are strategic we shortcut the time required to reach our destination and we capitalise on our resources.  Call me practical…I can’t help it, I was born this way.

My thinking is that if there are two pathways to the same destination and one is direct and the other is the scenic view I’d rather take the direct route, unless I’m in the mood for a bit of a leisurely drive.

We are in business to make money.  We really don’t need scenic views, we need direct pathways. To make money we need to capitalise on our assets – ourselves, our time, our money.  Once we have seen the increase, then we can decide to take  a scenic route every once in a while.

So my challenge to all you other entrepreneurs out there is to take the time to get a bigger picture for 2012.  I already have mine and it is way exciting, but it didn’t come to me without a price.  I had to put in the time of seeking the right ideas and then the time of putting together the plan so that I can realise that bigger picture.

Some really struggle with seeing the bigger picture.  They get stuck in the rut of the everyday running of their business, like rats on a treadmill going round and round.  Isn’t it time to get off the treadmill and to take a long hard look at your business or your life and choose to make 2012 a spectacular year?  I know I will be.  Join me.

I am really looking forward to working with the small group of entrepreneurs that will be joining my Make It Happen Mentoring Program in 2012.  I already have had many enquiries and one of the six has been chosen.

If you’d like to know more about the program, visit my information page or drop me an email and I’ll send you through some information.   Make 2012 the best year ever.  Get clear on your vision.  Put together a plan.  And take MASSIVE action.

I look forward to hearing all about the wonderful things that you have planned.