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Get Your 15 Minute Free Strategy Call Now!

Are you tired of playing small,
always the understudy and never the star,
watching others succeed and wishing it was you?

The problem with this kind of behaviour is that time is tick, tick, ticking...and you can never get it back.

If you are ready to work smarter and not harder, to tick some serious goals off your to-do list, then book in for your
Free 15 Minute Strategy Call.

With me you will never feel stupid, like you are wasting your time or driving me nuts with your questions. Having four children and over a decade of experience as a corporate trainer has developed a deep well of patience and understanding of different learning needs.

And best of all, your business needs will be met in a professional, caring and timely manner.

My Personal Message to You

I would love to help you to complete your
communications and product development projects.

So if you want to get crystal clear;
to feel listened to, validated, and challenged in a good way;
to create a plan that is doable;
and to implement that plan so you can reap the rewards;
then talk to me now!

0402 040 008

My Three Step Strategic Process

Who am I?

I am a passionate Communications and Product Development Specialist who loves bringing ideas, dreams, visions, vague notions into clarity, then to life. Some have called me the Business Missionary or Business Midwife, because I provide a holistic approach to my work.
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How I’m Wired and Why I Want to Help You Succeed

According to Wealth Dynamics profiling, I am most in flow as a Creator; then equally balanced as a Star and a Mechanic and then I have strength as a Supporter. What this means is that I flow best when I create - with a limitless supply of ideas; am a confident facilitator and public speaker; am also able to break the big picture down into small pieces and do technology and administrative tasks competently; and I genuinely enjoy helping people to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

With a DISC profile of Teacher, (the same as Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, Bono, Nigella Lawson and Kate Winslett), my greatest joy is unpacking life and business, and translating that into key messages, training resources, books, articles, website copy and presentations; the perfect sounding board for new ideas and product innovation.

"I have no greater joy than to put in the hands of my clients something that we have co-created that increases their confidence, extends their reach and builds their prosperity. I am all about creating greater abundance for everyone, whilst finding joy in the process and interpreting Life's messages along the way as I highly value wisdom."

Get Your Projects Done and Dusted

Whatever your project is:

  • * Communicating with your audience
    via newsletters, blog posts, magazine articles, product brochures, books, prospectus, videos or audios

  • * Creating your brand identity
    so that you are easily recognisable in a large sea of competitors

  • * Strategising your impact
    through targeted action taking

  • * Creating your shop front
    through classy design

    ...I am ready and able to serve your mission.

    Find out if we have syngery now.

  • Here is Why You Will Love Working With Me

    Empowering Co-Creative Process

    No matter your level of creativity or competence with technology, I am committed to a co-creative process where you are in the driver's seat of your business at all times.

    Shared Electronic Files

    I use the latest technologies to ensure ease of access to your electronic files, whilst maintaining secure storage of your private information. I teach you how to use online programs to fast track your planning and online processes.

    World Class

    As an early adopter, I keep myself on the cutting edge of technology and products. I share my knowledge willingly, gently stretching you into more productive workflows that embrace new technology.

    Progress Guaranteed

    With legitimate client testimonials, you can be reassured that I have really kicked the goals I say I have and that I will continue to stretch you so you can reach your goals.

    "There is no try. Only do or do not."
    Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda

    What Do Clients Say About Me?

    • Allison Walker

      I Am Recommending You!

      "You know what. I got more clarity out of a few hours with you than I have gotten out of a 7 day workshop on branding. I am recommending you!"

      Allison Walker

    • Margaret Sramko

      "A huge shout out for Hayley Solich....You are so wonderful! Your professionalism and efficiency is the best! Thank you so very much for pulling my new website together. Nearly ready to launch. You rock, Miss Hayley!"

      Margaret Sramko
      Dream Therapy Coach

    • Yvonne Hale

      "Wow! Loved the planning session Hayley Solich conducted with the h3wc project team over the weekend. I mean we were coming up with some really out there stuff. It has to have been one of the best sessions so far...we walked away with some great outcomes we are all committed to seeing rolled out over the coming year. Thanks Hayley. Really loved your creative genius!"

      Yvonne Hale
      Go University

    • Kath Mazzella

      "Simply inspirational.  Over the past six years that we have been working together, Hayley Solich has been amazing.  She has helped me in every aspect of my business - raising my profile, helping me to win awards, be featured in magazines, on radio, on television; designing all of my branding, website, publications; attending and facilitating business meetings with and for me, as well as, attending functions to help me grow my business and promote my cause. I would not have got to where I am now without her!"

      Kath Mazzella OAM
      Mazzella Consulting

    • Penny Street

      "Looks fantastic.  Absolutely recommend Hayley Solich for her thoroughness, professionalism and ability to be able to do what is needed in a timely and thorough manner. More than met expectations."

      Penny Street, Celebrate Recovery

    • Susan Briggs

      "I can highly recommend Hayley for any website building or additions. I have always found Hayley to be extremely talented in knowing exactly what my vision is and using it to build a professional looking website. The service is efficient and friendly as well as being cost effective. What more could you ask for?!"

      Sue Briggs
      Small Biz Bookkeeping and Taxation

    • Rachel Rose

      "Its Rach here.  I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on the website.  The site definitely looks  so much better since you have been working on it.   Mum and I would also like to thank you for being available at all hours and times and for being so easy to work with.  You are prompt and thorough and we will definitely be sure to promote your business to anyone we know looking for a great web designer. "

      Rachael Rose
      The Candle Box Co

    • Debbie Ducic

      "I unequivocally and sincerely recommend Hayley Solich of The Creaticians to anyone looking for professional services regarding websites, social media, web & graphics design, print magazine or book publishing, video marketing, public speaking... on and on! I have known her for 8 years and have contracted with her on many occasions over the years, never to be disappointed, but on the contrary... happily blown away by her numerous and varied talents and abilities, creativity!"

      Debbie Ducic
      Gutsy Woman

    • Chanty Lang-Vermaas

      I have been a member of Women Can International for a short time, however in that time I have consistently observed Hayley engaging and connecting women with their dreams with such passion it is hard not to engage in helping her and others reach them. Hayley's ability to understand, bring together difficult tasks and listen is both empowering and motivating. Hayley brings with her an extensive body of knowledge and shares that without reservation. I have worked with Hayley on several projects and found her generosity of spirit, understanding and professionalism in all that she does has a profound effect on all who work with her. I therefore highly recommend her to any company wanting to enable a positive and united team wherever assistance or leadership skills are in need.

      Chanty Lang-Vermaas
      Director/Ceo Business-Spirit

    • Mi-Lin Finnie

      "Inspiring Hayley Solich touched the hearts and minds of all that attended our International Women's Day event.  Thank you Hayley.  Your work to support emerging and small to medium enterprise is outstanding."

      Mi-Lin Finnie
      Bendigo Bank

    • Trish Lawson

      Hayley you are a creative genius. Not only did you create a wonderful stylish web page for Trizzys Lingerie & Swimwear, you made it so easy for me to understand. Your  continued support is amazing.  Thank you, Hayley, it is a pleasure working with such a lovely lady.


      Trish Lawson

    Our latest offer…

    Write Your Book in 30 Days Workshop - just $160

    Next Workshop: 3 September 2016 9am-1pm in Beechboro, WA

    Or if you can't attend a workshop,
    work one-to-one with Hayley

    Hayley is available to coach, ghost write and edit book projects on an on-demand basis.
    Special rates apply for project packages that include coaching, editing and design work.
    To find out more, call Hayley on 0402 040 008.

    Featured Service

    New Business Strategy Sessions for New Business Owners or Owners Moving Into New Markets.

    Session Focuses

    • Foundational Business Building Blocks
    • Technology Consultation
    • Branding Strategy
    • Strategic Communications Plan
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Confidence Builiding and Ideas Soundboarding
    • Quality Fast Track Electronic Tool Kits
    • Storyboarding and Why Framing E-Learning and Video Projects
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